Queen Elizabeth Declares Wish For ‘Queen Camilla’ During Platinum Jubilee

Photo by Paul Edwards - WPA Pool/Getty Images

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The Queen made an unexpected announcement regarding the future of the British Monarchy Saturday during her Platinum Jubilee. While celebrating her seventy years on the throne, the Queen declared her wish that Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, be known as “Queen Consort” when Prince Charles becomes King.

In a written message, the Queen wrote of the death of her father, the support her mother gave her father, and the support the late Prince Phillip gave to her, before pivoting to say, “it is my sincere wish, that when that time comes [Prince Charles becoming King], Camilla will be known as Queen Consort as she continues her own loyal service.”

This message by the Queen marked a break in royal custom. Since Prince Charles married Camilla in 2005, the pair have shied away from using terms that would have otherwise been bestowed on Princess Diana. Diana, Charles’ late ex-wife, was tragically killed in an accident in Paris in August 1997. (RELATED: ​​Prince Harry And Prince William Together Unveil Statue Dedicated To Princess Diana)

Even though Camilla is married to the Prince of Wales, Camilla never refers to herself as the Princess of Wales due to the sensitivity around Diana’s death and a general public dislike of Camilla’s affair with Charles.

While tales of intra-family conflict have recently plagued the royal family, as well as revelations about alleged deception prior to Princess Diana’s famous interview with Martin Bashir, some members of the royal family have already responded positively to the Queen’s announcement. Prince William and his wife, Princess Kate, have already subtly responded to the Queen’s message by liking an Instagram post from the royal Instagram account that contained a copy of the Queen’s message, according to Hello Magazine.

Responses from leaders in British government have focused mostly on celebrating the Queen’s service rather than making any comment on the usage of the title “Queen Consort” for Camilla.