American Comedian Derails New Zealand City Council Meeting With Bit About Losing Wife Thanks To ED

[Youtube Screenshot Alex Stein]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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American comedian Alex Stein derailed a New Zealand city council meeting on vaccine mandates Tuesday with a skit about losing his wife and children over erectile dysfunction.

“Hey guys! So I have a really unique situation that is really troubling,” Stein begins. “So I’m originally from Dallas, Texas. My wife and I, she is a New Zealander. I married her, I moved to New Zealand, I got Covid for the third time. I work at a vaccination clinic, I’ve been boosted three times, I got Covid at the beginning right around March when it first happened, I was hospitalized. Ever since I got Covid I’ve been impotent, I haven’t been able to make love to my wife and so now I’m facing these kinds of needs where I’m trying to see her and she left, she took the kids.”

“So I’m stuck in a foreign country by myself having no idea what to do and I need your help because I’m telling you guys the reason why she left me is because I can’t make love to her,  and I’m stuck in New Zealand by myself, and I don’t know what to do, and I’m so alone,” Stein continues as he bursts into a fake sob.


“I miss her so much I can still smell the vodka on her breath when she kissed me goodbye, I miss my son so much, I miss my daughter, I just want to go back to Texas,” Stein said as some other members of the meeting appear concerned while others look like they are trying to hold back laughter. (RELATED: ‘Don’t Talk To Your Neighbors’: New Zealand Reimposes Lockdowns After Single COVID-19 Case)

“New Zealanders are sick people why would you do this to me? I sit and cry every night and I pray and I say ‘God please bring her back, I don’t even care that she used and abused me,’ she used to make me do things sexually that I’ve never tried before” Stein said before he is cut off by a woman, who asks whether he has anything to say to the council in regard to the vaccine mandate.

“Yes, you don’t understand! It’s the mandates that made her leave … if you didn’t have these mandates she wouldn’t have left me, I wouldn’t be by myself, crying myself to sleep every night so I thank you Jacinda for breaking up my home and leaving me alone, I cry at night.”

Stein was once again interrupted as the council moved on from his story.

New Zealanders in the police and other public sector jobs are required to be vaccinated.