Mother Of Slain Veteran Slams New York County DA Alvin Bragg For New Sentencing Policy

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Taylor Giles Contributor
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The mother of a veteran who was stabbed to death in Harlem in 2018 slammed New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg during a Tuesday appearance on Fox News.

Madeline Brame, the mother of Hason Correa, went on “America’s Newsroom” to speak out about one of Bragg’s new policies capping sentences at 20 years. Bragg was sworn in as the Manhattan District Attorney Jan. 1.

“I would tell him, Mr. Bragg, prosecutors prosecute,” Brame said about Bragg. “If you’re not going to do your job and uphold the duties of your office, you need to step down and allow someone else who is more capable of doing the job.”

A woman accused of stabbing Correa had her bail dropped from $750,000 to $12,000. She posted the reduced bail and was later released in 2019, according to the New York Post. Brame is now advocating for her to be put back behind bars.

“The mothers, the families of these victims care nothing about social justice theories. We care about restoring law and order to our city,” Brame said.

“People are afraid. People are very concerned about what they see happening,” Brame went on to say. “If they’re not victims themselves they know someone who has become a victim.”

Bragg sent out a memo Jan. 3 to staff at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office that detailed crimes that would not be prosecuted and others that would face lesser penalties. The new memo also says there will be no prison time unless the defendant is convicted of murder, sex offenses, other violent felonies or major white collar crimes. (RELATED: Manhattan DA Reverses Policies Amid Backlash Over ‘Soft On Crime’ Approach)

“We need to take a look at these lower offenses that Bragg is saying that he’s not going to prosecute or charge as felonies. Those are not victimless crimes,” Brame said.

Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul also blasted Bragg during a meeting Jan. 24 for being soft on crime. Hochul reportedly told Bragg that “safety and justice must go hand-in-hand.”