Man Wearing Nothing But A Boot Gets Tattoo On NYC Subway Platform

[Screenshot/Twitter/Public — User: @chrisdcomedy]

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A video of a nearly nude man getting a tattoo on his butt on a subway platform in New York City was posted to Twitter by a local comedian Tuesday morning.

The man getting the tattoo is wearing nothing but a pair of white socks, a single brown boot on his right foot and a black face mask.

Comedian Chris Distefano shared the clip on social media. “I have no idea who’s video that is. I just thought it was fun to post,” Distefano said in a direct message to a contributor for the Daily Caller on Instagram.

Distefano shared the clip to his 204,000 followers with the caption, “Nyc is back.” He also posted the video to his Instagram story. (RELATED: ANALYSIS: New York City Subways Are So Bad They Had To Hire Private Guards)

The video of the tattoo artist and nude man was recorded by someone as they exited a subway carriage at 23rd Street Station, the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway on Manhattan. The naked man receiving the tattoo is lying on a folding table, reading a book, as the tattoo artist works on his butt.

Various other paraphernalia can be seen around the table, including cleaning equipment for the tattoo needle, an electric razor and various personal items. As the person recording the video turns to exit the station, the man’s other boot can be seen on the floor in front of the table. Both the artist and nude man appear content.

The video amassed more than 400,000 views, thousands of comments and likes, and over 1,000 retweets within two hours of being posted.

Almost all of the responses and comments note how think the video is funny. Some users posted gifs of the movie The Warriors and Jay-Z’s “New York State of Mind,” as well as other pop culture references, to show the apparent juxtaposition between New York’s beauty and the arguably head-turning human events that happen in the city.