Matthew Stafford Praises Detroit Fans, Says He’s Playing ‘For Everybody’ That Helped Him Get To The Super Bowl

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Los Angeles Rams quarterback has nothing but praise for fans of the Detroit Lions.

Stafford was the starting quarterback of the Lions for more than a decade, and was beloved by the fanbase. Despite never winning a playoff game with the Lions, we always viewed him as a star quarterback who never got the appreciation he deserved. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Now that Stafford is 60 minutes of great football away from lifting the Lombardi Trophy, he hasn’t forgotten where it all started and the fans who showed him so much love.

Stafford said the following in part during a Monday press conference when talking about Detroit and the fans, according to BroBible:

And then as far as what Detroit fans are, I mean, they were extremely loyal, they were great, they were passionate all the things you want fans to be…. If we sit here and say we’re not a product of our experiences, or we haven’t learned from some of the things that we’ve had go on in the past, picked up things from great teammates or coaches along the way, we’d be lying to ourselves. I do appreciate so much just everybody’s support. And I know that when I’m out there playing, whether it’s this week in the Super Bowl or any other game, I’m a representation of those experiences that I’ve had with those people. I feel like every time I step out there on the field, I’m playing for not really myself, but for everybody that’s helped get me there.

Damn, is it just me or is it a bit dusty in here right now? Those comments from Stafford hit me right in the soul.

I don’t know a single Lions fan who isn’t pulling for the Rams in the Super Bowl. We all want to see Stafford win a ring.


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There is absolutely no animosity or anger about him leaving. It’s like when a friend moves far away, but then you get to watch them go and do great things.

Stafford left Detroit for Los Angeles, and he’s now one win away from carving out his spot in history. How can you not be cheering for him?

I’ll be locked and loaded cheering for Stafford this Sunday. Hell, I might even shed some tears if he wins.


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I wish him nothing but the best. Now, let’s go out there and win a Super Bowl!