Tucker Drops Monologue About Biden’s Plan To ‘Close The Crack Gap,’ Gives Hunter A Shoutout

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Daily Caller co-founder and Fox News host Tucker Carlson gave an monologue Tuesday night about President Joe Biden’s equity initiative that will “close the crack gap” after the administration confirmed it would fund the distribution of clean needles for drug users.

“Joe Biden, the president, has announced another piece of highly promoted equity agenda. That is the government wide effort to improve the lives of African-Americans. You may recall that on his first day in office more than a year ago, the new president explained that equity will require determination and creativity. This week he proved that is true,” Carlson said.

“Joe Biden’s latest idea is to pay black people to smoke more crack,” Carlson continued. Despite Carlson’s turn of phrase, the initiative would actually subsidize tools necessary for people to do hard drugs, like “safe smoking kits” and syringes.

“Going forward, the administration will send at least $30 million in tax money to nonprofits and local governments so they can purchase ‘safe smoking kits and supplies.’ According to HHS, these kits will contain Joe Biden-approved pipes that will allow beneficiaries of the equity agenda to smoke crack cocaine as well as crystal meth. Some say it’s about time.”

Carlson then appeared to poke fun at “Soros-aligned NGOs” who “have long complained that marginalized groups in this country don’t have adequate access to illegal narcotics or the tools to use them.”

“With this new program, Joe Biden will finally close the crack gap.”

Carlson then jokingly noted how “rich white men” have been reaping the benefits of “quality crack pipes” for far too long, citing Biden’s son, Hunter, as an example. A picture of Hunter laying in bed with what appears to be a crack pipe is shown on screen.

“Here is the president’s son, for example, smoking crack in bed at the Four Seasons. You will notice the beautifully designed custom crack pipe, its cooling bowl nestled in the high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.”

Carlson noted how not everyone is as fortunate as Hunter, with some crackheads having to use “tinfoil or a broken car antenna” to smoke their crack.

“Joe Biden understands how essential narcotics are to the future of his party. If democratic voters stop smoking crack they might start thinking for themselves and become Candace Owens or something, can’t have that.”

“So it’s new crack pipes for everyone.”

Carlson then paid homage to former Democratic Washington, D.C., Mayor Marion Barry, who was busted in a hotel room in 1990 during a sting operation for smoking crack.

“30 years ago, crack addiction was still considered embarrassing especially for elected officials. Here was the mayor of Washington, D.C., fervently pursuing the equity agenda before it even had a name. Back then, we just call that smoking crack.”

Carlson then played a clip from the infamous raid, where a shocked Barry cursed the “bitch” who set him up. (RELATED: ‘Gang Bang Drug Dealer’: Senator Kennedy Blasts Crack Pipe Funding, Says Closed Border Will Help Drug Problem)

“[Barry] was fighting racism with that crack pipe, smoking away the vestiges of white supremacy and the colonials’ patriarchal norms. If only we recognized the heroism of the time. A profit is never honored in his own hotel room.”

Carlson then played a clip of Biden talking about criminalizing individuals who had crack on their person. However, Carlson acknowledged that “real growth is possible” and “wisdom really does come with age.”

The Biden administration announced it would grant money for safe syringe programs, which fund the distribution of clean needles. The Department of Justice told the Associated Press on Friday it’s open to permitting “safe injection sites,” where drug users can use heroin and other deadly drugs in an environment meant to protect individuals from overdoses. The Washington Free Beacon reported that grant money would be prioritized for institutions serving people of color and LGBT communities.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki claimed Wednesday that crack pipes would not be part of the kits.

“They were never part of the kit. It was inaccurate reporting and we wanted to put out information to make that clear,” she said.

Psaki said the kits may contain things like “alcohol swabs, lip balm” and other items that promote hygiene and possibly lower the chances of spreading diseases like HIV and Hepatitis. Psaki said the kits are focused on “harm reduction.”

Editor’s Note: This piece has been updated to include extra context after Carlson’s claim that black people will be paid to consume narcotics.