REPORT: Police Say Drunk Driver Damages 31 Cars At Once, Blaze Ensues

OSSWALD/Getty Images

Charlotte Hazard Contributor
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A truck driver outside of Nuremberg, Germany, who was allegedly driving while intoxicated was reportedly arrested for ramming his vehicle into several parked cars after going through a red light.

The incident took place Tuesday evening. Three people were injured and 31 vehicles were damaged, The Associated Press reported. (RELATED: Man Pleaded Guilty To Speeding Prior To Separate Crash That Killed 9 People, Including Himself)

A truck rammed into multiple cars, resulting in a fire and evacuations

Firefighters and members of a technical relief team work at the site of an accident on early February 9, 2022 in Fuerth, southern Germany, after a truck ploughed into a row of cars, setting some of them on fire. (Photo by OSSWALD/NEWS5/AFP via Getty Images)

After the truck driver went through a red light, the truck tapped another car and kept going, according to a police statement. Shortly after, the truck driver rammed his vehicle into several parked cars, resulting in some being pushed into buildings. 

Many cars, the facade of a house and the truck itself caught fire, Sky News reported. People in the house had to be evacuated. 

The truck driver is a 50-year-old Turkish citizen, the AP reported. He was arrested at the scene and, according to a breath alcohol test, was above the limit in terms of driving, police said. The driver reportedly does not have permanent residence in Germany.