CNN Poll: 56% Of Americans Who Disapprove Of Biden Say They Don’t Approve Of Anything Biden Has Done

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Gretchen Clayson Contributor
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A poll released by CNN shows that a majority of Americans who disapprove of the Biden administration overall don’t approve of a single thing the president has done so far.

“This is fascinating. What has President Biden done for you that you approve of? Fifty six percent of Americans, nearly six in 10 Americans, that means a decent amount of Democrats said nothing. They disapprove of everything that’s happened,” CNN’s John King reported Thursday. (RELATED: POLL: Voters Prefer Republican Congressional Candidates Over Democrats By Eight Percent)

“Now, yes, the president would say we passed the rescue plan, the bipartisan infrastructure plan. Fifty six percent of Americans say nothing. They disapprove of everything that has happened so far,” he added. 


The poll, which was carried out by independent research company SSRS from Jan. 10 to Feb. 6, 2022, sampled 1,527 adults via the web and phone. The poll had a margin of error of 3.3 with a 95% confidence level.

The poll showed approval for Biden has fallen across the board, with 58% of Americans disapproving of the way he’s handled his job, a “significant drop” from his approval numbers in CNN polling in 2021 from Biden’s first 100 days, according to the network.

Biden has only nine percent of support among Republicans, down from 30% in 2021, the poll showed. Biden had enjoyed 65% support among Independents, but his approval rating with them has fallen to 36%. Biden’s approval from Democrats is still strong at 83%, although that too is down from 97% in 2021, according to the CNN poll.

Polling also seems to indicate that Biden has more strong detractors than he does fervent supporters, with 41% of Americans disapproving strongly of his performance as president versus 15% who strongly approve. There were also fewer respondents who identified as Democrats than in other recent CNN polling, according to the outlet.  (RELATED: ANALYSIS: Here Are The Clear Reasons Why Hispanics Are Moving Away From The Democratic Party)

“I totally believe that he has the best interests of the American [p]eople in mind,” wrote a respondent, reported CNN. “I think he understands the severity and importance of his job and is doing the best he can.” (RELATED: POLL: Less Than Half Of Democrats Want Biden To Run For Reelection

For those who could find something positive to say about the president, 15% approved of policies such as the stimulus bill or the child tax credit. Biden enjoyed six percent approval on aspects of his COVID-19 response, according to the poll, particularly the provision of free COVID-19 tests.

CNN also noted Biden received “faint praise” for his temperament, as one respondent allegedly wrote, “He’s not Donald [T]rump. That’s pretty much it,” while another reserved their praise for Willow Biden, the president’s new cat.