OnlyFans Model Claims She Was Kicked Off Dating Apps For Being ‘Too Hot’


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Alaw Haf, 24, from Mold, Wales, has claimed that Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge have consistently removed her dating profiles because she is “too hot.”

Haf said she believes her accounts were shut down because people were reporting her profiles as fake, and that no one could possibly be that attractive in real life. Haf is a law graduate but brings in £44,000 through her OnlyFans account, according to the Daily Mail.

Haf has gained nominal notoriety in her home country. She speaks fluent Welsh, and previously made headlines when she was reportedly told to “get a proper job” despite making so much money from her OnlyFans, according to the Liverpool Echo. (RELATED: Bella Thorne Makes $2 Million On OnlyFans In 1 Week)

Haf said she was outraged after watching Netflix’s “The Tinder Swindler,” which documents the story of Shimon Hayut who allegedly used the dating app to steal upwards of £7 million from prospective love interests. “I think it’s all a joke after watching the show on Netflix and he was still able to be on the app when his purpose was to use it for criminal activity — whereas all I wanted was to go for a drink with someone!” the Daily Mail reported.

Haf said she believes the dating apps are “treating me worse than the Tinder Swindler,” according to the outlet. She was initially kicked off Tinder in September 2020. She got her account back but was then removed again in December 2021. Bumble also removed her in 2020, and Hinge deleted her profile in March 2021.

“I had problems with some of my pictures so I’d just replace them with others,” Haf told the Daily Mail. “I would never post anything offensive, but it’s hard to find a picture of myself wearing clothes when 90 percent of my pictures are in lingerie or swimwear due to my work.”

Haf only received automated responses from the dating apps when she asked why her accounts kept getting removed. Attempts to send proof of identification also failed to reinstated her profiles, the outlet reported. She therefore assumed that they believed her account was fake because she was “too hot” and that people were reporting her.

“I genuinely think it’s someone bitter that reports me or they somehow manage to associate me with OnlyFans and think I used the platforms for advertising purposes or sold subscriptions on there, when I genuinely never [would], I actually want to date,” she told the outlet. “They usually refer to the terms and conditions which state that they can remove you without explanation — which is the easy way out for them.”

Haf was adamant that she has never done anything to breach the guidelines of the apps.

“I would like to date again, I haven’t for a while due to not being on Tinder. I think I am just having to find a way of getting dates without dating apps from now on.” Haf said she will be spending Valentine’s Day alone eating Chinese take out, according to the Daily Mail.