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Is Bears Deluxe The Next Blue Chip NFT?

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Last year, 2021, was undoubtedly the year of NFTs. Within a few short months, the previously unknown sector was littered with projects of all kinds. The world witnessed several high-profile individuals walk away with millions of dollars from their NFT sales and other NFTs fizzled out to nothing.

Even with the volatility of the NFT and crypto space, high-value projects with expected longevity have been termed “Blue Chip.” That status is not earned in one day as the Bears Deluxe project proves. Similar to the traditional finance landscape, there are several factors to consider before labeling a project as a blue-chip NFT.

The Bears Deluxe project started as a hobby for PixelMage, a single developer with a full-time job. PixelKnight joined later and the duo started serious networking on Twitter and Discord. For almost a month, the project sold only a few pieces now and then on OpenSea minting. Before long, however, they caught the attention of savvy NFT investors interested in gaming integration. Holders of popular collections such as Cyberkongz, Cryptopunks, and Bored Ape Yacht Club bought into the project.

The Bears Deluxe collection minted out overnight. With the amount of attention the project was getting, PixelMage and PixelKnight had to quit their full-time jobs. They also had to bring on another developer to help manage and expand the project.

They produced a utility token, HONEYD, and gave Bear Deluxe holders the ability to mint other companion collections. The first collection was the Bees Deluxe, which generated a lot of excitement in the NFT space. With the increased utility, the Bear Deluxe project automatically became a contender for blue chip NFT status.

Project utility is just one reason the Bears Deluxe collection has established a great reputation. A thriving community is the second reason. The Bears Deluxe project has developed a strong NFT Alpha community that has contributed to its success. For instance, it has discovered and bought many successful projects that brought more value to the Bears Deluxe collectors.

The developers have also been lauded for responding to the needs and desires of their community. They adapt and react quickly to the constructive feedback from their peers and community. They admit that doing so has helped them grow and experience positive unforeseen evolutions.

Continuous innovation is the other pillar of Bears Deluxe’s success. The project’s HoneyD token and Bees Deluxe system is a one-of-a-kind system inspired by the legendary CyberKongz. The developers had to build the entire system in 3 weeks, and initiate the smart contract migration. The team also hired, built, tested, and deployed the system and token in record time to continue the project’s momentum.

Bears Deluxe is one of the prime NFTs to rise on the speculation of crypto and gaming this year. The team has announced its upcoming Voxel bear releases and a partnership with the Sandbox game. Integrating its successful gamified NFT system with full-on gaming will confirm the project as a respected authority in the NFT space with blockchain and gaming integration.