Corey Lewandowski Claims ‘There Is No Question’ He Was ‘Spied On’ In 2016


Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski claimed “there is no question” he was “spied on” in 2016 on a Wednesday segment of “Outside the Beltway.”

“Were you spied on during that campaign?” host John Fredericks asked.

“John, there’s no question I was spied on during that campaign,” Lewandowski claimed. “There’s no question the Trump team was spied on during that campaign. There’s no question that they destroyed a number of our lives and our reputations all for political purposes.”


Lewandowski alleged that the spying began when Trump won the Republican nomination. He claimed all of the perpetrators of the Trump-Russia probe should be put in jail and hopes Durham “holds them accountable.” He claimed that the ones who “perpetrated the spying” currently hold senior positions in the government and have not received “equal accountability.”

He also alleged that former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden knew about the false dossier and pushed for the Russian dossier. (RELATED: Psaki Dodges On Durham, Directs Questions To DOJ)

“These things happen in third world dictatorships, not in the greatest country in the world,” he continued. “The fact that people were spying on the executive branch of the office of the President should tell us everything we need to know. It was an inside job.”

He also noted that the media “ridiculed” Trump for claiming that the FBI had tapped Trump Tower shortly after he had won the election. He claimed the information in the report is “worse than” they had thought and pushed for political purposes.

“What we now know, John, because Durham has told us this, is that it’s much worse than we even thought. We knew we were spied on,” Lewandowski claimed. “We didn’t know that the spying continued while he was the President of the United States in the most sanctimonious building, the sanctuary of information—the White House. The executive office of the president. The Clinton campaign continued to spy on him, and his staff, and us all for political purposes. And as of today, John, not one person’s been to jail over it.”

Lewandowski also alleged that National Security advisor Jake Sullivan was “intimately involved” in pushing a “fake narrative” when he suggested that the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia. Sullivan touted the now-debunked allegation that an email server connected Trump’s real estate company to Alfa Bank, one of Russia’s top banks.

On Friday, Special Counsel John Durham released a report accusing Democratic lawyer Michael Sussmann – who has ties to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign – of lying during a 2016 meeting with the FBI surrounding alleged links between the Trump organization and Russia.

“The Indictment alleges that the defendant lied in that meeting, falsely stating to the General Counsel that he was not providing the allegations to the FBI on behalf of any client,” the court filing reads. “In fact, the defendant had assembled and conveyed the allegations to the FBI on behalf of at least two specific clients, including (i) a technology executive (“Tech Executive-1”) at a U.S.-based Internet company (“Internet Company- 1”), and (ii) the Clinton Campaign.”

Sussmann has denied wrongdoing.

According to Durham, the records of Sussman’s billing history show he “repeatedly” charged the Clinton Campaign for work regarding the “Russian Bank-1” allegations.

“The defendant’s billing records reflect that the defendant repeatedly billed the Clinton Campaign for his work on the Russian Bank-1 allegations. In compiling and disseminating these allegations, the defendant and Tech Executive-1 also had met and communicated with another law partner at Law Firm-1 who was then serving as General Counsel to the Clinton Campaign (“Campaign Lawyer-1”),” the court filing reads.

Durham also alleges that Sussman met with the CIA in 2017 and offered up computer data that purportedly sought to link Trump and Russia.

The data, which hasn’t been backed up by evidence according to the prosecutor, was allegedly obtained by a tech executive who “exploited his arrangement … for the purpose of gathering derogatory information” about Trump, Durham said.