EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Ron Johnson Introduces Bill That Would Block Federal Agencies From Interfering With Doctors Right to Treat Patients

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson introduced legislation Wednesday that would block federal agencies from interfering with doctors’ rights to treat patients.

The Daily Caller first obtained the legislation which was cosponsored by Republican Indiana Sen. Mike Braun and Republican Utah Sen. Mike Lee. The bill is titled the “The Right to Treat Act” and would make it so no federal agency would have the authority to regulate the practice of medicine and that no federal law, rule, regulation, or policy would restrict the distribution of FDA approved drugs or a Right to Try drug.

Many other countries have experimented with other drugs to help prevent or treat COVID-19. The drug Ivermectin has reportedly been investigated in Japan and in the U.K. In early February, a Japanese pharmaceutical company found that Ivermectin had an “antiviral effect” against COVID-19.

The drug has not been approved by the FDA but made news after podcaster Joe Rogan said he used the drug to battle COVID-19 when he was infected. Whereas some doctors reportedly say the drug works, the FDA recommends not taking the drug to treat or prevent COVID-19.

Johnson’s office told the Daily Caller that at least 13 state legislatures are considering or have passed bills to protect the physicians’ off-label prescribing rights.

“The pandemic exposed the fact that many doctors no longer call the shots when it comes to treating patients, the COVID Cartel does. The COVID Cartel includes the Biden Administration, federal health agencies, Big PHARMA, mainstream media, and Big Tech,” Johnson told the Daily Caller.


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“The Right to Treat Act would ensure that federal health agencies return to their proper functions of gathering and providing public health data and regulating drug safety – not telling doctors how to practice medicine,” he continued.

Johnson claimed that a large number of people died from COVID-19 due to federal health agencies telling the American people that certain drugs would harm them.

“Because federal health agencies sabotaged the early treatment of COVID-19 using widely available and safe generic drugs, an untold number of people needlessly died from COVID-19. Americans and doctors should have the freedom to use fully approved drugs without fear of reprisal. It’s time to once again let doctors be doctors and allow them to fully practice medicine,” Johnson added.