Fox News Anchor Neil Cavuto Returns After ‘Touch And Go’ ICU Scare

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Bryan Babb Contributor
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Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto returned to the air Monday after being hospitalized in the ICU with “Covid Pneumonia” and described his illness as being “touch and go” for a time.

“I did get Covid again, but a far, far more serious strand,” Cavuto said. “What doctors call Covid Pneumonia. It landed me in intensive care for quite a while and it really was touch and go. Some of you who wanted to put me out of my misery darn near got what you wished for. So sorry to disappoint you, but no, the vaccine didn’t cause that.”


Cavuto, who is a cancer survivor and suffers from multiple sclerosis, tested positive for COVID-19 for the first time in October 2021. His prior health conditions placed him among the “vulnerable three percenters or so of the population that cannot sustain the full benefits of a vaccine.”

Cavuto pointed out that if he had not been vaccinated at all, then he “wouldn’t be here.” He clarified that while the vaccine didn’t give him a complete defense due to his ongoing health conditions, it did provide some partial defense. Cavuto noted that the vaccine’s partial defense alone was not a “great comfort” to him and that it was a “scary” situation. (RELATED: Minnesota Vikings Player Dakota Dozier Hospitalized With COVID-19 Issues)

Cavuto has discussed his health conditions in the past. In an interview with The Wrap, Cavuto stated that “illness” shows that “life is so short.”

“Is it worth being an a**?” Cavuto said in the interview. “I don’t think it is.”