Leader Of Trucker Convoy To DC Has A Message For Biden: ‘End The Mandates’

Screenshot/Facebook/Freedom Convoy USA 2022

Bryan Babb Contributor
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“Freedom Convoy USA 2022” organizer and Maryland gubernatorial candidate Kyle Sefcik urged President Joe Biden to “end the mandates” in a video Monday as truckers prepare to protest in Washington, D.C.

“We are coming peacefully, and we’re going to do this lawfully and constitutionally,” Sefcik said. “I want the rest of the world to know our plans, so there’s no lying about who and what we are.”

“On behalf of Freedom Convoy 2022, we are asking you to end the state of emergency. End the mandates once and for all,” Sefcik continued. “Sir, the world is watching us because they know if what’s happening in Canada happens to us here in the land of the free, then freedom as we know it is gone.” (RELATED: Police On Horseback Trample ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protesters In Canada)

The “Freedom Convoy USA 2022” protesters are planning on arriving in D.C. for Biden’s March 1 State of the Union address. Sefcik said he “pulled a permit from the National Mall” in an effort to be “respectful.”

Sefcik is running for governor in Maryland and lists his political ideology as “unaffiliated” on his website.

“Freedom Convoy USA 2022” is one of several groups working toward using trucks as a means of protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandates and restrictions in the nation’s capital. The American Truckers Freedom Fund is another convoy planning to arrive in D.C. soon, according to its website. The People’s Convoy, meanwhile, is planning to arrive in D.C. on March 5, four days after Biden’s address.

“Freedom Convoy” protests worldwide have drawn attention as truckers gather to protest their governments’ COVID-19 vaccine mandates and restrictions. In Canada, some “Freedom Convoy” organizers were arrested after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act.