‘Hi Baby!’: Local Reporter Myles Harris Gets Interrupted By His Mom


Bryan Babb Contributor
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Reporter Myles Harris was interrupted while recording a segment when his mother drove up behind him and shouted “Hi baby!” according to a video posted Monday to Harris’ Instagram.

In the video, Harris is seen preparing for a live shot with a cameraman when a car suddenly drives up behind him, interrupting the shot. Harris immediately seems to recognize the driver of the vehicle.



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“That’s my mom, hold on,” Harris said to the cameraman as the car pulled into view.

“Hi baby!” Harris’s mother can be heard saying from the driver’s seat.

“I’m trying to work right now, and you’re over there calling my phone,” Harris said to his mother as the cameraman laughed. “This is DeAngelo. You’re going to say hi,” Harris said, pointing to the cameraman.

“Hi DeAngelo!” Harris’s mother called as the cameraman continued to laugh.

“And don’t be holding up traffic, because you’ve got cars behind you,” Harris said as his mother drove away. “Did you record that?” Harris then asked, turning back to the cameraman. (RELATED: ‘I Just Got Hit’: Car Comes Out Of Nowhere To Hit Local Reporter During Live Broadcast)

Harris posted the video to his Instagram, with the caption “Typical Sandi. Yes, typical Sandi…Thanks for @deangelodbyrd who kept rolling.”

Harris is a multi-media journalist reporting for ABC 6 and FOX 28 since 2021 in Columbus, Ohio, according to ABC 6. The viral video has garnered thousands of responses across social media.