Former Delta Force Operator Robert Keller Talks About The Stress Deploying Puts On Family Members Back Home

Robert Keller (Credit: Daily Caller, Robert Keller)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Robert Keller had some blunt thoughts about the stress deployments can put on family members back home.

I sat down with the former Delta Force operator for a lengthy interview, and at one point, I had to know what it’s like to juggle the dynamics of deploying to fight terrorists and having a family to worry about back home.

“It is fricking hard. I didn’t realize how hard it was for my wife and now looking back on all the other wives…Literally, every deployment, it was like going to Disneyland for me for free! I’m getting to do what I love to do, but everyone thinks it’s so hard to go overseas. For us it’s not hard. We’re going to a playground, but nobody ever thinks about the wives at home that didn’t sign up for this,” Keller said in part when talking about the stress his job put on his family back home.

Then, he told a wild story about when he didn’t tell his wife about a teammate surviving getting shot. Fire up the video below.

In case you couldn’t already tell, Robert Keller is a grade-A badass and he’s full of energy and interesting thoughts.

Make sure to enjoy the rest of the interview because it’s worth every second of your time!