Rumors Of Ukrainian Fighter Jet Pilot Known As ‘The Ghost Of Kyiv’ Smoking Russian Planes Circulate

Ghost of Kyiv (Credit: SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP via Getty Images and ALEXEY NIKOLSKY/AFP via Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Unconfirmed reports are circulating that a Ukrainian pilot has been smoking the Russians left and right.

Ever since Thursday, social media has been blowing up with allegations that a Ukrainian MiG-29 pilot known as “The Ghost of Kyiv” took down six Russian planes.

Specifically, “The Ghost of Kyiv” has allegedly shot down four fighter jets and two other planes.

Now, is “The Ghost of Kyiv” real? That’s not known at this time, but, according to Newsweek, Russia had six planes and two helicopters shot down as of Thursday.

So, the numbers do at least match up to some degree. Again, it’s not clear if it’s 100% true, and the Ukrainian government hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

The tweet below has gone mega-viral, and it allegedly shows a brief glimpse of the fighter jet in question.

However, if “The Ghost of Kyiv,” who would be the first flying ace in a long time if the rumors are true, is a real person, it would make sense for the Ukrainians to possibly conceal his identity.

Whether the rumors and allegations about “The Ghost of Kyiv” turn out to be true, the story is a massive morale boost.

As a man who would love to watch the Russians get pounded into the dirt, I hope whoever is up there taking down Russian planes keeps it up!