Pelosi Says Biden Polls Poorly Because Americans Simply Don’t Know How Good He’s Been


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told an MSNBC host Tuesday that President Joe Biden is polling poorly because Americans simply don’t know what Biden has accomplished.

In the lead-up to Biden’s State of the Union address, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell explained to Pelosi “the polls show that Americans are deeply pessimistic about the economy; inflation is only going to rise with what’s happening on the energy front with this war.”

“What do you attribute to that? The decline in the president’s polls? Even on COVID, and how he’s handled it. What can he do to turn this around?” she asked Pelosi. (RELATED: Capitol Attending Physician Announces Face Masks Will Be Optional Ahead Of Biden’s State Of The Union Address)


“Well, I think tonight is going to be very important, because for people to appreciate what the President has done, and that working together with the Congress, they have to know what it is,” Pelosi responded, blaming Biden’s low polling numbers on America’s inability to understand his work.

Biden will walk into his first State of the Union with the second-lowest approval rating on record and one of the lowest of any presidents in the polling era, according to CNN. His current approval rating is roughly 41%, the outlet reported Tuesday morning.

Pelosi went on to quote former President Abraham Lincoln: “President Lincoln said that ‘public sentiment is everything; with it, you can accomplish almost anything, without it, practically nothing.’ But people have to know for public sentiment.”