Rep. Cawthorn Quotes ‘The Great Philosopher Toby Keith’ During House Speech


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Republican North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn quoted Wednesday country music legend Toby Keith while addressing the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Mr. Speaker, when the United States military shows up, kings and kingdoms fall to their knees,” Cawthorn began in a video posted to his Instagram page. “As the great philosopher Toby Keith once said, ‘we put a boot in their ass,’ it’s the American way.”


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“Our military preeminence is unmatched, our brand is dominance, but our greatness lies in temperance. America first means power under control,” he said.

Cawthorn then alleged that “overzealous executives” have taken away power. “I am here to remind them: Congress declares war. Not Joe Biden. Not some woke general.”

“The people must debate, decide, and then, if absolutely necessary, declare war,” he said, seemingly referring to the possibility of war, given Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. (RELATED: Toby Keith: ‘Never Apologize For Being Patriotic’)

Cawthorn then went on to argue that the United States military has become “bought off” by the “military-industrial complex war-hog, who uses emotion to justify America’s entry into every overseas conflict.” He then urged Congress to “reclaim their power to declare war,” but if they do declare, “we must define what victory looks like.”

In December 2021, President Joe Biden said that the U.S. is not considering sending troops to Ukraine. However, he also claimed at the time that Putin “got the message” on the economic consequences of an invasion, which were subsequently ignored. Russia’s currency plummeted in recent days, but attacks on Ukraine from Russian military forces continue.

“The sons and daughters of America are too precious to waste on the altar of globalism. America first, always and forever,” Cawthorn concluded his speech. The house recognized him for one minute, which was all the Congressman asked for, according to The Hill.