Hundreds Gather At Overpasses To Show Support For People’s Convoy

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Thousands of truckers and people from all walks of life departed today from Indianapolis, Indiana, to follow the People’s Convoy, one of the most well-known trucker convoys that are currently on-route to the Washington, D.C., Beltway to protest mandates.

Organizers from these convoys stated that they were inspired by the truckers in Canada that gathered to protest mandates and that they have similar goals. The group increased in size as it was seen to have dozens of miles of vehicles, all making their way to our nation’s capital.

The route saw many people gather on overpasses throughout the route from Indianapolis to Cambridge to show support of the convoy.

The convoy arrived in Cambridge, Ohio, on March 3, with an increased amount of people joining along on their route to the Beltway. Organizers stated that they will not enter Washington, D.C., however.

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