Joy Behar Takes A Big Spill Walking On Stage For ‘The View’


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“The View” host Joy Behar fell flat on her face during the opening moments of the show Thursday.

“Come on. Full stop. Just stand,” Whoopi Goldberg told Behar as she helped her back up. Behar, who was seemingly uninjured from the fall, got to her feet a few moments later with the help of the other panelists and said, “25 years, that has never happened. Who do I sue? Who do I sue?”

It’s unclear whether Behar or one of the panelists rushing to help her up let out an audible groan as Behar got to her feet, but it appeared to come from Behar herself, according to the video. One of the women was audibly laughing as they realized Behar was uninjured.

“These chairs move. You touch it and you’re on the ground,” host Goldberg told the audience.

“It’s happened to all of us at one time or another,” Sunny Hostin chimed in. Behar was able to laugh off the incident, which has already been shared across social media platforms.

“My husband is at home laughing now, I bet,” Behar continued. “I went flying!” (RELATED: Joy Behar Says She ‘Might’ Wear Masks ‘Indefinitely’ In Public Spaces, Listening To Her Own Voice Not CDC)

“And you’re high!” Hostin commented, referring to the height of the chair, which she later clarified in the clip. “You’re fine yeah?” Goldberg asked. “I just missed the step as usual,” Behar responded as she corrected her hair.

This was one of the lighter moments in Behar’s recent behavior on The View. She recently attacked the United Kingdom for dropping COVID-19 restrictions, only for the United States to do the same just over a week later.

Behar also lamented how the deadly Russian invasion of Ukraine has interrupted her Italian travel plans. She probably won’t be falling over herself to visit the Mediterranean country any time soon.