The Video Of The Fired Diane Feinstein Staffer Dancing In Her Office On Psychedelic Mushrooms While Smoking A Joint Is Must-See TV

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Video has emerged showing Democratic California Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s former aide dancing in her office while smoking a joint and high on psychedelic mushrooms jamming out to “I Like It” by DeBarge after he was terminated from his role last month.

Jamarcus Purley, who holds degrees from Harvard and Stanford, was fired last month from his role as a legislative correspondent at Feinstein’s office, according to Latino Rebels. In an act of rebellion, Purley decided to have one last hoorah at the office.

In the video posted to Youtube, Purley is first seen lounging at a desk with a suit on, beginning to dance as he smokes a large blunt. Purley then pulls his feet onto the chair and begins dancing again before almost falling off. (RELATED: Sen. Dianne Feinstein Announces Death Of Husband After Battle With Cancer)

Purley then decides to show off more of his moves, standing up, untucking his shirt and removing both his jacket and tie before breaking it down.

He then takes the camera off the desk and walks around the room before propping it up again to capture more of his moves.

Purley made the video after he was terminated from Feinstein’s office following a dispute with other staffers in which he alleged that Feinstein does not care about black people, he told Latino Rebels. Feinstein allegedly fired him for performance issues, prompting Purley to post the letter to Instagram. Purley even paid to promote the post before Instagram shut it down. Purley has been working on the Hill for five years.

“I had come so far, I thought, and now Feinstein won,” Purley told Latino Rebels. “That’s when I ate some shrooms thinking they had won. While I was on the shrooms I came to the realization of what I had to do. I put on a suit because the walls in Congress aren’t real if you wear a suit. I had just bought some Jordans the day before. I was happy as fuck.”

Purley said he knew what he “had to do” because he “knew no one would ever know the sh*t Feinstein does to black people if I didn’t make it impossible to ignore.”

Purley said he walked into Feinstein’s office, turned on his mother’s favorite song, and began smoking a joint.

“I thought about how special my mom and black women would feel seeing me dance to that song in particular, in a space where they aren’t welcome at all. Then I started the video.”

“That was the best night of my motherfucking life,” Purley reportedly said.

Purley alleged that while working for the senator, colleagues would touch his hair without his permission and was passed over for a promotion twice because his supervisors told him he did not write well enough. Purley told MSNBC he was writing to Feinstein’s constituents in a way that they would understand it and relate to.