US Ammo Company To Send 1 Million Bullets To Ukraine


Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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After Ukraine President Voldymur Zelenskyy asked for more supplies this week, an ammo company in Scottsdale, Arizona, announced Friday it will send one million bullets free of charge to Ukraine.

AMMO, Inc. mass produces ammunition and weapon components in Wisconsin, including 762s—the same bullets Ukrainian soldiers use to fight Russian attackers, Fox 10 reported. The value of the bullets is about $700,000. (RELATED: Ukrainian National Guard Tweets About Greasing Bullets For Chechen Fighters With Pork Fat)

“I think we should donate,” Wagenhals told another executive, according to Fox 10. “He said, ‘How much?’ I said, ’How about a half million?’ He said, ‘How about 1 million?’ And I said, ‘OK, a million.’”

“First of all, I believe in the Second Amendment,” said AMMO Inc. CEO Fred Wagenhals. “I also believe in freedom and democracy.”

Wagenhals said he has a private plane ready to transport the bullets and all he needs is permission to do so from the U.S. government, Fox 10 reported. Travel time would only take a couple of days.

Wagenhals sold his company, Action Performance—a marketer and distributor of licensed motor sports merchandise—for $245 million.

On Feb. 26, Zelensky told the U.S. government he needs “ammunition, not a ride” when offered the chance to evacuate Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital.