People’s Convoy Circles DC Beltway In Protest Of COVID Restrictions

Savannah Hernandez, Independent Reporter

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On March 6 at 8 am ET, organizers of the People’s Convoy, a massive movement of truckers and other civilians inspired by the Canadian Truckers that rallied in Ottawa in January, announced that they will be driving two loops on the DC Beltway.

Organizers said they planned to circle the Capital Beltway twice- a total of 130 miles, according to NBC Washington.

Supporters in Virginia and Maryland gathered around overpasses as the 30+ mile convoy made its way around the Beltway.

Brian Brase, one of the main organizers of the convoy, recently announced on March 5 that the group will be not be leaving the area near DC until their demands are met.

In a statement on their website, the convoy announced, “We demand the declaration of national emergency concerning the Covid-19 pandemic be lifted immediately and our cherished constitution reign supreme.” (RELATED: ‘The People’s Convoy’ Draws Thousands Near Indianapolis As It Heads Toward Washington, D.C.)

The Senate recently passed a bill that would remove the emergency powers. President Joe Biden released a statement saying he would veto this bill if it reaches his office, calling its removal a “reckless and costly mistake.”

The movement has gathered support from thousands of people from across the country that drove with the convoy, showed support at hundreds of overpasses on route, attended rallies, or showed support from home.

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