Zara, PayPal, Samsung Pull Out Of Russia

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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Zara, PayPal and Samsung have joined the wave of Western companies withdrawing their business from Russia over the invasion of Ukraine.

In a letter tweeted by Ukrainian Vice President Mykhailo Fedorov, PayPal’s CEO cites “Russia’s violent military aggression in Ukraine” for the company’s decision to cut ties with Russia.

Samsung said they would cease shipments to Russia “due to current geopolitical developments,” according to a report from Reuters.

Zara’s parent company said they “could not guarantee the continuity [of operations],” according to the BBC.

While Samsung is South Korean and Zara is owned by a Spanish firm, these companies follow American companies like Mastercard and Visa who also recently announced that they would halt business operations in Russia.

Some American companies have taken a more direct and aggressive approach to oppose Russian aggression. A recent internet campaign has coordinated the direct transfer of almost $2 Million dollars from donors around the world to Ukrainian citizens through Airbnb.

Another company, an American munitions manufacturer, has pledged to send one-million rounds of ammunition to Ukraine. (RELATED: Ukrainian Soldier Allegedly Blows Himself Up To Repel Russians, Government Says)

These moves from the private sector come after weeks of escalating violence from Russia on Ukrainian soil. Days after a Ukrainian soldier allegedly blew himself up to fend off a column of Russian tanks, Russian soldiers ambushed a British Sky News crew in an attack that was caught on film.