Report Shows Independent Voters Rank Economy, Inflation And Cost Of Living As Most Important Issues

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Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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A report released Tuesday showed that independent voters were most concerned about the economy, health care costs and inflation.

Epluribus LLC, creators of MOXY, asked 1,750 Americans questions about various issues, including voter participation, confidence in politicians and campaign contributions to see who would win the midterm elections in November.

“In the midterms, the biggest wildcard is the Independent voter because they’re clearly showing a priority of issues that’s a combination of Republicans and Democrats, but they also show the highest degree of frustration with the party system,” Epluribus founder & CEO César M. Melgoza told the Daily Caller. “So I think they’re [independents] up for grabs.”

Independents, according to the report, represent 23.7% of Americans. “A candidate needs to address the base but those that need to be convinced are the Independents,” Melgoza said.

He added, “If I’m an elected official, I’m thinking, ‘How can I win back some of those people and give confidence that their vote can make a difference?'”

Like most Americans overall, independents rated the economy, jobs, inflation, and health care expenses as their highest priorities, according to the report. The survey also noted the difference between Republican respondents, who tended to care more about immigration control, and Democrat respondents who prioritized issues like COVID-19 management and climate change. (RELATED: ANTONI: Biden’s Latest Blame Game On Inflation — Russia Made Me Do It)

Of all respondents, over 10% said they did not plan to vote in the upcoming election, with 23.4% saying they believed their votes did not make a difference, and 14.6% responding the election system was “unfair, dishonest or rigged,” the report noted.