‘You Should Be Beaten Up’: Tucker Carlson Says Florida Bill Protects Kindergarteners From Learning About Sex And Gender Identity

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson defended Florida’s parental rights bill Tuesday saying people “should get beaten up” for teaching kindergarteners about sex.

H.B. 1557, titled Parental Rights in Education, prohibits classroom discussion about sexual orientation and gender identity for children attending kindergarten through third grade. The legislation also requires schools to notify parents in decisions regarding the child’s physical, mental and physical health.

Carlson said the bill is trying to put an end to “immoral and illegal” procedures on children that identify as transgender.

“Physicians all over the country are violating the most elemental medical ethics by prescribing puberty blockers and hormone treatments to minors,” Carlson said. “Long-term effects, totally unknown. These are life altering procedures given to children below the age of consent. It’s totally immoral, it’s illegal. In many cases kids are pressured into these procedures by the people in charge, and that means teachers, administrators and school therapists, and nurses, then doctors.”

“Maybe teach the kids to read before you tell them to go trans,” he continued.

Carlson then blasted Florida Democrats, the corporate media and other critics for claiming the bill targets LGBTQ children by banning educators and students from using the word “gay,” though it does not indicate that anywhere in the bill. (RELATED: ‘Hateful’: Psaki Condemns Texas And Florida’s Policies On LGBTQ Children)

“It has nothing to do with gays,” Carlson said. “You shouldn’t be talking to kindergarteners about gender identity, especially if you’re not their parents, that’s creepy [and] you should be arrested for that. You talk to a normal person’s kids about sex in kindergarten? You get beaten up, you should get beaten up, please.”

The Daily Caller co-founder played footage of Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis confronting WFLA political reporter Evan Donovan referring to the legislation as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill at a Monday press conference. The governor told Donovan he is pushing “false narratives.”

Carlson concluded that the media “never stop[s] lying.” The Florida Senate passed the bill Tuesday with a 22-17 vote after passing the state House on Feb. 24.

Legacy media and critics have called the legislation the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, though it does not prohibit educators from using the term “gay” and allows for discussion about sexual orientation and gender identity as early as fourth grade.