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James William’s Top Advice for Building a Team

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A successful business is often some combination of a single entrepreneur’s drive to make their business ideas come true, and their ability to gather a high-quality team. Not that it’s impossible to make it on one’s own; there have been plenty of examples of one-person operations making it big. However, if a business wants to enter a competitive market or grow aggressively, its best bet would be to have more than a single person working at it.

James William, the head of TripleOne, understands the value of having someone to share the responsibilities of running a company. In fact, the whole business concept his startup proposes is based on sharing the decision making and creating a decentralized system where everyone can become a stakeholder if they’re also willing to contribute.

To get his vision ready for the world, James William has to rely on other people and their contributions to the project. That’s why he made sure to get deep into the very core of successful recruitment and team building, and now he’s sharing what he found out.

Acknowledge People’s Interests, Strengths, and Weaknesses

There are no two identical people in the world. Everyone has things that make them different from other people, and also better or worse suited for some tasks or others. When it comes to picking people for the team, the manager in charge must take all of it into account.

It would be unrealistic to expect a single person to fit all the criteria for a very complicated and demanding position, for example. James William would agree that, even with people who are polymaths and can do multiple things reasonably well, there’s always a chance that someone who is laser-focused on just one thing might do it better.

That’s something that needs to be weighed for each position individually, and on the team level, too. Every new addition needs to be able to fulfill a specific task, sure, but they also need to be evaluated based on their potential effects on the team.


Create the Right Environment for the Team

Having the right environment is crucial when it comes to creating a good team. Businesses that don’t pay attention to this part end up with teams that are too scared or uninterested to cooperate or share ideas or thoughts. That’s such a waste of human potential.

Ideally, James William agrees; businesses should aim to create an inviting and open environment for their teams. The goal is to get people to know each other and learn to what degree they can depend on one another. It’s also important to establish mutual respect and trust, and it’s the job of the person setting up the team to make sure all the conditions are met for developing such an environment.

Establish Clear Communication Standards

The fate of whole businesses can depend on how well different parts within them communicate with one another, so the stakes are usually higher than just setting up a team for success when it comes to establishing communication.

Still, any entrepreneur who wants to have an effective team, or even a few, in their company, needs to make sure that the communication standards in place establish clean communication rules and procedures. Everything from who tells what to whom, to which channels are used for which types of communication should be plotted out. The less noise there is, the more effective the communication.