Newt Gingrich Rips ‘Lack Of Seriousness’ In Biden Admin By Sending Kamala Harris On Diplomatic Trip

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich ripped what he called “the lack of seriousness” of President Joe Biden’s administration Wednesday in response to sending Vice President Kamala Harris to Poland and Romania.

Harris is headed to Warsaw, Poland, Wednesday and is also slated to visit Bucharest, Romania from March 9-11 to “advance our close coordination in response to Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine.”

“If you’re the prime minister of Poland or leader of Romania and you hear that Kamala Harris is landing soon and she’s there to rally NATO, would you feel a little insulted?” host Jesse Watters asked.

“I don’t know if I’d feel insulted. I think you would regard it as one more example to the absolute lack of seriousness in the Biden administration. She obviously doesn’t know anything and what she believes doesn’t work. But Biden is basically out to lunch too so if I were European I would almost be in despair about the lack of American leadership,” Gingrich responded.

He called Russia’s latest attacks “war crimes” and said on the one hand there’s Russian President Vladimir Putin who has no chance of remaining in power, and on the other there’s the “shallow” Biden administration. (RELATED: Meghan McCain Says Harris ‘Can Barely Get Through An Interview With Charlamagne,’ Shouldn’t Negotiate Russia-Ukraine Deal) 

“On the one side you have Putin who should be tried as a war criminal and we should be very clear that there are no futures in which Putin survives as the head of Russia. On the other side you have a group of people who are so shallow, so lacking in any sense of history, so trivial in their approach,” Gingrich said.

He then ripped Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg’s recent calls to solve soaring gas prices through Americans purchasing electric vehicles on Monday.

“This is madness, and I think we don’t yet realize how bad this is and how bad it’s going to get,” he continued. “The price of wheat is going up faster than the price of oil. Millions of people are going to be starving because of this war… And our answer is Kamala Harris? We were once a serious country. We were a country that defeated the Soviet Empire, we were a country that defeated Nazi Germany and imperial Japan.”

“Now we have two people who are completely hopeless… surrounded by a cabinet that may be even worse,” he said.

Prior to Russia’s invasion, Harris received similar criticism during her trip to the Munich Security Conference in early February with over 100 ministers and 30 heads of state to address growing concerns of Putin’s increasing deployment of troops along Ukraine’s border.

Author Douglas Murray said it “is just astonishing” that Harris was sent to the conference in February, then mocked her for saying “this is a possibility of war in Europe and we should stop and think about that.”