Trump Didn’t ‘Dunk’ On Putin So He Could ‘Play’ Him ‘Like A Fiddle,’ Donald Trump Jr Says

Donald Trump Jr.

Taylor Giles Contributor
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Donald Trump Jr. claimed that his father, former President Donald Trump, didn’t “dunk” on Russian President Vladimir Putin so he could “play” him “like a fiddle.”

Trump Jr. said Trump was “smart enough to actually play the game where it mattered” with world leaders in a video posted Wednesday.

“If Trump was Putin’s stooge you’d think he’d allow him to do it,” Trump Jr. said about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “He wouldn’t have armed Ukraine and prevented him from doing it.”

Trump criticized President Joe Biden’s handling of the Russian invasion of Ukraine during a speech to Republican donors Saturday.

“I think everyone sees what’s going on now,” Trump Jr. said. “I think they see now why Trump was always right.”

“Maybe Donald Trump knew that flattering [Putin] would get you a lot more than calling him out and embarrassing him on a world stage,” Trump Jr. said.

Trump said China will invade Taiwan because it sees “how stupid the United States is run” while on Fox News’ “Mornings with Maria” on March 2. (RELATED: ‘You Should Be Scared’: Trump Discusses A Potential Nuclear War)

“[Trump] knew exactly how to play these guys,” Trump Jr. said. “And he played it like a fiddle.”

“What do you think really happens?” Trump Jr. said. “You call them out on a world stage and you embarrass them. What do you think is going to happen? They have nothing to lose.”