‘A Polish Joke’: Gutfeld Rips Harris’ Performance At The Poland Press Conference

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld ripped Vice President Kamala Harris’ performance at the joint press conference in Poland on “The Five” Thursday, calling her “a Polish joke.”

Harris attended a joint conference alongside Polish President Andrzej Duda Thursday to demonstrate support for the allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Ukraine.

“I think [Russian President Vladimir] Putin realizes that we’re not in it to win it,” Gutfeld said. “We wouldn’t have sent her. She’s great for us and this show but she’s lousy for this job. She makes us laugh but her laugh is so unsettling because she wasn’t laughing out of an obvious thing that other people could see, it was an inside joke of sorts so it’s just sort of like what are they doing up there right now?”

“She’s like a child, she’s on a big trip. She’s like a child who’s allowed to see the cockpit, but you never not touch anything… She’s not allowed to have any impact on anything because they don’t trust her. She is, right now, a Polish joke,” he continued.

When asked about the over one million Ukrainian refugees entering neighboring European countries, Harris and Duda looked at one another for a moment then both started laughing to break the silence. The vice president then said “a friend in need is a friend indeed,” then started cracking up. (RELATED: ‘Detached From Reality’: Fox News Reporter Takes A Shot At Kamala Harris’ ‘Political Speak’)

Gutfeld said Harris is an “emblem” of our concern though we need an “audacious diplomatic effort” by sending our best to overseas. He said sending the vice president only “prolongs” a potential third world war and atrocities in Europe.

“We need to send our very best there, not the joker in a pantsuit,” he continued. “We need Obama, we need Trump, we need Bush. They got to go, because we need mediation on steroids that expresses how much the world is disgusted by this and how intent we are on stopping the bloodshed and potential World War III.”

Harris was also caught mixing up her words during the conference, saying she was “I am here, standing here, at the Northern flank—Eastern flank” toward the beginning of the event. She also announced the U.S. will send two Patriot missile systems to Poland to demonstrate “our commitment to the security of our Allies and our commitment, in particular, to Poland at this moment in time.”