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Ascend Agency’s George Nellist is Helping Brands Across the Globe Strengthen Their Digital Presence

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The last decade has witnessed a massive growth in the demand for online materials, products, and services. Social media has become an integral part of the business community opening the way to reach a varied and wide global market. Businesses are pumping money into digital marketing in a race to dominate the fast-growing online markets.

Though a necessity, creating a digital presence is not easy. It can be a daunting task for many businesses, especially those deeply rooted in the traditional ways of doing business. This creates the need and gap for digital marketers who are experts in online marketing. Their main mandate is to help businesses create an online presence and, more importantly, help them connect online with their potential clients.

George Nellist is a social media expert in the digital marketing world helping businesses create and establish an online presence. A young, ambitious, and talented marketer, George has established himself as one of the expert entrepreneurs in the field. At 21, George has mastery of the industry’s dynamics, and he is giving the rest of the competitors a run for their money.

He is the Director of Marketing and Sales Specialist at Ascend Agency; a digital marketing agency ranked among the best in North America. Through George’s leadership, Ascend Agency is rising to become an A-list marketing firm with the potential to dominate the industry in the near future. The agency is a seven-figure marketing firm rated among the few successful companies managed by a young entrepreneur. Together with his vibrant team, they have helped thousands of brands across the world create and strengthen their digital presence. Ascend Agency operates on a customer-centric approach that puts more emphasis on the customer’s needs.

George has vast experience in digital marketing and has worked with diverse clients featuring various industries, such as life sciences, legal, digital, government, and financial services. He provides them with a highly consultative approach, ensuring candidates are matched with the right company, culture, and approach. His client’s success is his success, and that’s his principle work ethic.

Anyone can become an online sensation, but it requires top-notch skills to maintain the online hype and, more significantly, use it to your advantage. George holds that it’s even critical for businesses when it comes to the online image. A business needs to trend for the right reasons and also have a clean image. It can be easy to create an online presence but maintaining a positive image that attracts users is not easy.

George shares that many businesses fail to connect to their online customers simply because they use the wrong approaches. Digital marketing is very different from traditional marketing. Many mistake it as simply having online visibility, which is slightly misleading. Enhancing the businesses’ online presence is essential but doing it the right way is vital. George advises that emphasis needs to be on the particular approach and manner.

With a desire to dominate the industry, George intends to venture into more diverse fields. It is the best way to expand his market reach and more significantly grow a rich marketing network. He understands the importance of a network in the industry, and he is passionate about it. He aspires to work with some of the best in the industry, among the top influencers and brands.

As George puts it, social media is the most crucial asset to help you grow your business.

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