EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans Slam Democrats Over Dear Colleague Letter Asking To Support ‘Abortion Provider Appreciation Day Resolution’

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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House Democrats sent a Thursday Dear Colleague letter asking for others in their party to support a resolution that would honor abortion providers, giving them a National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day.

The Daily Caller obtained a copy of the email, which calls for Democrats to cosponsor legislation that would make March 10 National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day. On March 10, 1993, a Florida Doctor named David Gunn was killed by an anti-abortion extremist outside his abortion clinic in Pensacola, Florida.

The resolution “recognizes the importance of abortion providers and reproductive health professionals. It also thanks them for fighting to keep abortions available and accessible amid concerted attacks against reproductive rights.”

The original cosponsors are Democratic Reps. Andy Levin of Michigan, Cori Bush of Missouri, Diana DeGette of Colorado, Pramila Jayapal of Washington, Barbara Lee of California and Nikema Williams of Georgia. The letter, circulated by email, was sent as an effort for them to get more support from their Democratic colleagues.

“Dear Colleague, I am writing to invite you to become a cosponsor of a resolution honoring abortion providers for National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day, March 10. On March 10, 1993, Dr. David Gunn was murdered by an anti-abortion extremist outside his abortion clinic in Pensacola, FL. Since 1994, March 10 has become National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day to honor Dr. Gunn’s life and work,” the House Democrats said in the letter.

“This day represents an opportunity to show appreciation for the essential, high-quality care that abortion providers and clinic staff provide to their communities and to celebrate the courage, compassion, and dedication they bring to their work. My resolution recognizes the importance of abortion providers and reproductive health professionals,” the letter continues.


House Democrats Send Dear C… by Henry Rodgers

“It also thanks them for fighting to keep abortions available and accessible amid concerted attacks against reproductive rights. Please help us honor the incredibly vital work of abortion providers by joining us in recognizing National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day,” they added. (RELATED: ‘Violent Attack On Human Life’: Virginia Democrats Pull Resolution To Thank Abortionists Amid Intense Backlash)

A number of Republicans slammed Democrats for even considering the idea, saying abortion should never be celebrated. (RELATED: Rhode Island Legalizes Abortion Up Until Birth)

“I don’t care where you are on the issue, abortion is not something to be celebrated. It is the destruction of life, full stop. I’m at a loss for words that they want to celebrate such a barbaric practice, frankly,” Republican South Carolina Rep. Ralph Norman told the Daily Caller.

Republican North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop also called out Democrats for wanting to pass this resolution through Congress.

“Every human life is sacred and deserves protection, especially the unborn. It’s appalling that Democrats find so much joy in ending human life that they’ll create an ‘abortion provider appreciation day.’ This is beyond ghoulish behavior,” Bishop told the Caller.

Republican New York Rep. Claudia Tenney said House Democrats are trying to pass the most extreme abortion agenda in history.

“The Democratic Party today in Congress is pushing the most radical, abortion-on-demand agenda in our lifetimes. This is the party that tried stripping Hyde protections from government funding bills for the first time in generations. It’s also the party that is trying to pass the so-called Women’s Health Protection Act to pave the way for unfettered abortions,” Tenney told the Caller.

“So given this, are we really surprised that Democrats are now pushing a resolution to celebrate abortions and lionize those who provide them instead of celebrating life and those who protect it? I’m not. This is sadly how far left today’s Democratic Party has drifted,” Tenney added.

Republican Virginia Rep. Bob Good also ripped Democrats for considering the resolution.

“House Democrats want Congress to celebrate the legalized murder of over 60 million babies since Roe v. Wade. What kind of compromise must you have to make in your soul to deny the clear science of life for purely political reasons? How can we celebrate what history will remember as the scourge of the 20th and 21st centuries?  This resolution is calloused, evil, and disgusting; but it is sadly not surprising for the party of death,” Good told the Caller.

North Carolina Rep. Greg Murphy said as a physician he is disturbed Democrats are trying to celebrate physicians who provide abortions.

“All Americans have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This includes the defenseless unborn. In Congress, we have a responsibility and a moral obligation to protect those who cannon protect themselves. As a physician, I am repulsed by these misguided lawmakers who celebrate other physicians who murder innocent unborn children,” Murphy told the Caller.

“It is grotesque that during a time of unprecedented crises in America, far-left extremists who dominate the Democratic Party have made celebrating abortion a pillar of their agenda. It’s nothing short of abhorrent, immoral, and wrong,” he added.

The Daily Caller contacted Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office to see if she would be in favor of the resolution, to which they did not immediately respond.