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Brian Underwood Is Revolutionizing Nutrition by Blending Science With Nature

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Healthy living is not a minor change of habits. It’s a lifestyle that comprises diet and physical activity. With sedentary living becoming the norm for people with a desk job, millions have now realized the value of living better. Nutrition plays a major role here, and needless to say, that’s a main catalyst in the surge in demand for effective health products. While companies make different promises about their product, the composition and, ultimately, the outcome are almost identical. This is where Prüvit, a leader in the health and wellness space, is filling the void with its revolutionary technology.

Brian Underwood, the co-founder and CEO of Prüvit, realized this need 6 years ago. Prüvit created the first exogenous ketone product for people living a keto lifestyle. These products are unique as they combine a fervent lifestyle with objective technology. Prüvit is a direct sales brand, not only benefitting the end-user but also the large team working behind it.

The idea to get involved in direct sales dawned on Brian when he saw his high school basketball coach making more money in his “side hustle” than his salary job. Having felt the pull of an entrepreneurial lifestyle, this served as a catalyst for his business goals.

Brian didn’t hit the jackpot right at the beginning, though. Like many entrepreneurs, he experienced a series of trials and tribulations in his attempts to start a large-scale business, learning something valuable from each. He pulled from these lessons setting him on his current path, co-founding Prüvit in the process. The brand’s name is a manifestation of his past journey and his drive to prove himself in the entrepreneurial world.

The brand began when Brian and the two other co-founders, Terry LaCore and Christopher Harding, wanted to start a business in the health and nutrition space. In search of an innovative product that would disrupt the market, they went to the University of South Florida – it was there Brian learned about the power of ketones for the first time. In that moment, he knew this cutting edge-research would be the foundation of his next venture. Converting ketones into a product was challenging, but through a painstaking process the team succeeded, launching its debut product, KETO//COS Prototype 1.0.

The first product earned a copious amount of positive reviews, and before they knew it, the company was flooded with over 17K backorders. The response encouraged the team to launch its next innovation: KETO//OS NAT. This is the first and only naturally fermented ketone backed by 8 patents. It surpassed the success of the first product, making the brand a leader in the health and nutrition space.

6 years since launching the brand, Brian is content to have created not just a revolution in the health sector but a movement that comprises a team of experts and independent sales people who are contributing towards its growth. Brian is looking forward to launching more innovative health products while creating a sustainable business ecosystem for the people around him.