Hundreds Feared Dead, Buried Under Rubble After Russia Bombs Theater In Ukraine Acting As Shelter, Officials Say

Screenshot/Twitter/Michael Elgort

Diana Glebova White House Correspondent
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Officials fear hundreds to be buried under rubble after Russia bombed a drama theater in Mariupol, Ukraine, which was acting as a bomb shelter.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs said that a plane dropped a bomb on the theater, citing eyewitnesses, and called the bombing an act of “genocide” against the Ukrainian people in a Telegram statement.

“It is known that almost a thousand civilians from Mariupol were hiding in the theater. The number of dead and wounded is currently unknown,” the statement said. “This theater was a shelter in which the inhabitants of besieged Mariupol escaped from continuous shelling.”

Mariupol is surrounded by the Russian military, and many Ukrainians in the city have not had the ability to escape. Food is running out, and the city is under constant fire from Russian missiles. (RELATED: ‘Not Possible’: Ukrainian-Born Rep. Spartz Says Zelenskyy’s Plea For No-Fly Zone Won’t Happen Anytime Soon)

Two Associated Press journalists, the only international journalists on the ground in the city, report mass graves of children, and that people are “melting snow to drink” due to little water supply.