Loudoun County Public Schools Failed To Inform Parents About Bathroom Assault


Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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Loudoun County Public Schools did not inform parents about an assault that took place in a high school bathroom Feb. 25, a Loudoun County Public Schools spokesperson confirmed Wednesday to the Daily Caller.

A fight occurred between two female students in a bathroom at Stone Bridge High School, a Loudoun County Sheriff’s officer told the Caller. The officer said the duo was engaged in an ongoing dispute and one girl stopped the other from leaving the bathroom.

School personnel notified Stone Bridge High School’s Student Resource Officer (SRO), according to the sheriff’s office. One of the students was issued three petitions for assault, strangulation, and abduction by force, according to Loudoun County’s March 15 “Daily Incident Report.”

The alleged assault took place Feb. 25, though the student was not served with the three petitions until March 11. Loudoun County Public Schools refused to disclose whether the individual is still attending school.

Parent Scott Mineo, whose daughter attends Stone Bridge, told the Caller that the school did not notify parents about the alleged assault that took place.

Loudoun County Public Schools spokesman Wayde Byard told the Daily Caller that the fight did not “pose a threat to other students or staff,” therefore they did not feel the need to inform parents.

“LCPS does not inform the school community about events that do not require an emergency response to, or increased law-enforcement presence on our campus; and do not pose a threat to other students or staff,” Byard said.

Loudoun County Public School leadership was condemned after the district failed to communicate to the community that a sexual assault occurred in a Stone Bridge High School bathroom in May 2021. Superintendent Scott Ziegler informed the district’s school board on the day of the assault, though the board originally denied being informed. (RELATED: Loudoun County Superintendent Informed School Board Of Sexual Assualt, Contradicting Board’s Claim It Was ‘Not Aware’)