Tucker Carlson Questions Whether Supporting Ukraine With Weapons Is ‘Counter-Productive’

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Devan Bugbee Contributor
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Tucker Carlson questioned Tuesday whether arming Ukrainians will prolong the people and the country’s suffering.

“Congress, at the moment, for example, is totally absorbed in the question of ‘how do we arm Ukraine?'” Carlson said during his show Tuesday. “Even if you think that’s the most important thing that we could be talking about, they’re not really talking about it in any complete sense.”

After calling U.S. involvement “well-intended,” Carlson said the main dilemma is whether or not it would only prolong the suffering of Ukrainians affected by Russia’s invasion.

“If you’re going to make that decision, you’d probably feel some sort of moral obligation to consider the ramifications,” he said. “Is it possible doing this would be counter-productive and hurt the people I’m hoping to help or prolong the fighting in Ukraine at the expense of a vulnerable civilian population?” (RELATED: Over 2,000 Ukrainian Civilians Reportedly Killed Since Invasion Began)

Carlson then alluded to the several times the U.S. intervened in other countries, such as Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan.

“You wouldn’t want that,” he added. “You would hate to do something like that again because that would be cruel.”

Carlson argued that the sanctions the U.S. imposed on Russia are a tried and failed method used in the Middle East.

“That conversation was about sanctions which were certainly going to hurt Saddam Hussein,” he said. “They didn’t. He ended up invading seven years later because sanctions never work.”

“A half a million children died,” Carlson said. “In retrospect, sadly, and it burdens the conscience of every decent person, it’s hard to see why it was worth it.”