CEO Eats A Mike Tyson, Ear-Shaped Weed Gummy Live On-Air


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Tyson 2.0 CEO Adam Wilks ate an ear-shaped, cannabis-infused gummy live on air Wednesday during an interview with Yahoo Finance.

The gummies, known as “Mike Bites,” launched Tuesday and immediately went viral, according to Wilks. Sitting alongside co-founder Chad Bronstein, the pair detailed the “unbelievable” reaction they’ve had since announcing the product, claiming to have had “hundreds of millions of eyeballs on it.”.

The product officially hit the shelves of California’s legal cannabis dispensaries Thursday, and it is scheduled to release in a further 19 states over the coming weeks, Wilks explained.

“I actually have one of the only bags right now, here,” Wilks said, showing the Mike Bites to the camera. Wilks proceeded to pop open the bag and dive right into the bag, holding up one of the gummies to the camera as Bronstein jumped into the discussion.

“Yesterday was a great day for Tyson 2.0 ’cause it was probably the most talked about cannabis product across the United States, and even internationally it was being talked about,” Bronstein said, positively glowing at the notoriety and success the high-THC gummies are already having.

The concept for the product stemmed from Tyson’s infamous action in 1997 when he bit a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear off during a fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, according to Mediate. “What does Evander Holyfield think of the idea?” Yahoo Finance asked the co-founders.

“That’s a great question! They’re Holy-ears, as Mike has stated,” Wilks explained, before ingesting the cannabis-infused treat. “No further comment.”

“Wow. Well that’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone pop an edible in their mouth during an interview. Good for you, Adam!” The interview then pivoted back to Bronstein, “Chad, do we know what the reaction has been from Evander Holyfield?”

“I think at this point in their career, Mike and Evander have a good relationship. They’ve let bygones be bygones. We’re reaching out to Evander, and we hope it’ll be a positive response. But again, I know Mike and Evander have a great relationship,” Bronstein said, “I think that now, it’s pretty amazing that you can poke fun at something and think, you know, there will be mutual respect there.”

More than 20 CEOs in the cannabis field will head to Washington DC for an event organized by  the U.S. Cannabis Council, one of the industry’s largest lobbying organizations, reported MJBizDaily.

When asked whether he thinks federal cannabis legalization and banking reform are realistic prospects for the national American market, Bronstein said that he was “very optimistic.” (RELATED: Sen. Chuck Schumer Shares A Message For Those Celebrating 4/20)

“At this point it’s hard to ignore the level of success and the level of demand in the cannabis industry,” Bronstein told Yahoo. “Congress has to listen, and I think there is going to be a time and place where they’re going to have to create safe banking and they’re going to have to legalize this.”