REPORT: 400 Mexican Soldiers Deployed In Tijuana To Combat Organized Crime

Screenshot/YouTube/Oscar El Blue - Border Network News

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Over 400 members of the Mexican Army have been deployed to the border town of Tijuana, Mexico, just south of San Diego, according to a video posted Friday by Mexican news outlet Milenio.

The soldiers are being sent to the town because of the high amount of homicides perpetrated by drug cartels in the city, according to the video. Their mission is to tamp down on illegal activity and violence taking place in certain neighborhoods of the city.

The service members traveled all the way from Mexico City, 700 kilometers away. More than 2,500 troops will be arriving within a month, according to the video.

“We are reinforcing the authorities in Tijuana, and the platoon will ultimately reinforce those neighborhoods that have been hit with critical violence,” Homero Edmundo Blanco Lozada, head chief of the homicide operations in Tijuana, told reporters, according to a video posted by Oscar El Blue.

Mexican military forces have been overwhelmed by the superior technology of organized crime at the US/Mexico border, the video added.

As of March 16, eight Mexican media workers have been murdered in 2022, with some of the homicides occurring in Tijuana, according to The Guardian. A group paid an assassin 20,000 MXN (approximately 950 USD) to kill Tijuana journalist Margarito Martínez in January, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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