‘Can’t F*cking Do Anything’: Bill Maher Calls ‘Orwellian’ California The Democratic Party’s ‘Achilles Heel’

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Comedian Bill Maher slammed the state of California Monday while on “The Adam Carolla Show” for being an “Orwellian” state where people “can’t fucking do anything.”

“California has got to get its arms around this issue,” Maher said while talking about the issue of state construction regulations. “We know there’s been an exodus from this state, and that’s partly because of high taxes and it’s partly because fire season is all year round. But, it’s also because people can’t fucking do anything.”

“I just read that the cost of building a single unit for the homeless has now risen to $837,000. I just don’t think people understand the level of graft that is built into the system, the level of corruption and that’s what I was getting at when I made that crusade about my solar,” he said. “But can you imagine the level of corruption, the level of bureaucracy that I was ranting and raving about this on the air for over a year, and they still couldn’t get it done.”

Maher then lambasted the state for all the red tapes he needed to go through to build a shed for his solar panels. (RELATED: ‘Stop Being Arrogant’: Bill Maher Argues The Liberal Media Has Been ‘Wrong A Lot’ When It Comes To COVID)

“All the regulations, I mean, I don’t know if it’s Orwellian or Kafkaesque or both of them. It was just strange, very strange. The hoops that you had to jump through to do something that the state was advising you to do. Solar power was something I thought I was being a good citizen trying to hook up.”

Carolla agreed, noting the regulations are “stifling” and that he once abandoned his attempt to build a solar panel because of the regulations.

“‘Fuck it’ is what so many people say about so many things out here,” Maher jumped in. “Eventually, what they are going to say is, ‘Then fuck it to the Democratic Party.’ This is an Achilles heel to this party that they have to come to terms with. I mean, they couldn’t build a railroad. They tried, from L.A. to San Francisco. Same thing with the housing, the homeless thing.”

Maher said “there are too many people who are unnecessary in this equation,” and that while it’s “beyond politics … it’s going to get hung on — and deservedly so — on the Democrats.”

“It’s not like the Republicans are great on this either,” he added, “but they don’t run the state right now. The Democrats do.”

Maher has previously documented his struggle with solar panels, thanking the California Solar & Storage Association for “getting involved and cutting through all the mounds of red tape” after more than 1,000 days of trying to get his solar energy up and running.