Famous Child Star Freed From 9-Year Conservatorship, Reports From 2013 Suggest She Probably Needed One At The Time


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Child star-turned-troubled-teen actress Amanda Bynes was officially freed from her conservatorship after 9-years Tuesday.

Bynes, 35, was unable to make personal and financial decisions for herself after being placed under the conservatorship in 2013, TMZ reported. The Nickelodeon star was “wreaking havoc” in New York City shortly before her conservatorship commenced.

In one instance, Bynes had shown up to an adult gymnastics class in fishnets and lingerie, talking to herself, and crying when her colorful wig fell off.

Around the same time, Bynes Tweeted a series of topless photos, claimed to have had plastic surgery (and posted more photos in basically no clothing), was kicked out of a gym for smoking weed, and shaved off half of her hair.

She was kicked out of her upscale apartment building for smoking weed in the lobby and then throwing her bong out of a window on the 36th floor, both of which she was subsequently arrested for.

After all of this and more, Bynes eventually went through year after year of rehabilitation, relapse, failed comebacks, and face tattoos before finally focusing on her successful recovery. She’s claimed in one video from 2021 that she also petitioned to end her conservatorship due to the cost of her therapy. (RELATED: Amanda Bynes Checks Out Of Sober Living Facility)

Bynes filed the paperwork to release her from the conservatorship in February 2022, TMZ continued. Her mother was in control of Bynes’s personal and financial decisions between 2013 and March 2022, but after several years of sober living, getting a degree from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, and becoming engaged to her fiancé Paul Michael, Bynes proved herself fit to live free, the outlet continued.

Both of her parents reportedly supported the conclusion of the conservatorship originally ordered by a court in California, according to the New York Times. Bynes is the second child star-turned-adult phenomenon to be released from a parental conservatorship in California recently, after pop sensation Britney Spears was released from 13 years of control by her father in November 2021.