NRCC Poll Says Majority Of Swing Voters In Competitive Districts Find Democrats ‘Condescending’


Kay Smythe Commentary Writer
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A majority of swing voters in America’s most competitive districts find Democrats “condescending,” according to a poll released Wednesday by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The poll was conducted in 77 battleground districts ahead of the House Republicans’ three-day retreat in Florida, Politico reported. The major finding was that voters blame Democrats for inflation and crime, which Politico reported probably wasn’t a “surprise” to the pollsters.

The poll surveyed 1,000 registered likely voters from March 12 to March 16. The margin of error was 3.1 points.

Seats that Biden won by an average of 5.5 points are now led by Republicans by at least 4 points, the poll found.

In those districts, 75% of swing voters said that Democrats are “out of touch” and “condescending” and spend “too much money in Washington,” the report continued. Only 40% of voters in the key districts approved of the president, translating into an overall approval rating of negative 15 (40% approve and 55% disapprove), the poll revealed.

Since February 2021, Biden’s net approval rating has dropped to -32 among independent voters (30% approve 62% disapprove), representing a 34-point swing in just over a year, the poll found. (RELATED: POLL: 78% Of Capitol Hill Staffers Believe GOP Will Take Back The House In 2022)

Respondents concerned about jobs and the economy were more likely to favor Republican candidates, the report continued. For voters who placed “cost of living” as a top priority, Republicans led by 24 points.

“Battleground voters continue to hold Democrats responsible for the negative impact that record-high inflation, soaring crime, and the crisis along our southern border are having on their lives. Additionally, these voters overwhelmingly support Republicans who are focused on addressing these issues,” according to a polling memo published by the NRCC.

Roughly 75% of battleground voters are more likely to support Republican candidates who vow to lower the price of groceries and gas, according to an analysis by the Washington Examiner. Seventy-eight percent of the same battleground demographics will support a Republican that toughens up on cartels and drug trafficking, and 80% will support Republicans who want to advance energy innovation, the Washington Examiner concluded.