Joe Rogan Calls Big Tech Employees ‘Mentally Ill’; Companies ‘Like A Cult’


Kay Smythe Commentary Writer
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Joe Rogan lashed out at Silicon Valley technology companies in an interview with a former Apple and Facebook engineer Wednesday.

Rogan was interviewing Antonio García Martínez who left Apple after his colleagues complained that his book was too “misogynistic,” according to the New York Post. “For someone from the outside, we look at it and say: ‘How are those fucking places run?'” Rogan told Martínez during their conversation.

Rogan went on to say that he’d once asked a “good friend” who worked as an executive in various Big Tech companies what it’s really like working inside these companies. “It is utter madness,” Rogan’s friend supposedly replied. “The lunatics are running the asylum to a certain extent because there’s a lot of people … that are inside the company that legitimately are mentally ill, and they consider themselves activists.”

Bosses in Big Tech firms “have to placate” many of these activist-workers, Rogan said, “because they’re a certain percentage of the population of the people that works for the company, and they’re the loudest, and they oftentimes don’t get work done.”

When the activist-workers are “confronted” about failing at their job, or not getting work done, “they talk about their activism,” Rogan continued. (RELATED: ‘They Love A Narrative’: Joe Rogan Calls Out Media Over Hunter Biden Laptop Story)

Martínez explained that the companies are partly to blame for the activism of their employees, because workers are encouraged to “bring the real self to work.” He also noted that the social structured inside tech firms are “kind of like a cult.”

“Facebook was a cult, and I joined it, and I was a happy member of it. It was very powerful,” Martínez continued, “Everyone sacrificed themselves for the sake of the Facebook empire and its emperor.”