Teen Girls Who Claimed To Be Trafficking Victims Allegedly Abducted 3-Month-Old Infant

[Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/Public-User: WISN 12 News]

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Two teenage girls, who reportedly claimed to be victims of human trafficking, allegedly abducted a 3-month-old infant in Milwaukee on Wednesday, police said.

The girls, ages 14 and 16, allegedly abducted 3-month-old Anthony L. Crudup, Jr., the Milwaukee Police Department said in a press release. Police responded to the infant’s mother’s home after she reported that her child was missing. The mother, identified as Schatina Cureton by WISN, said she’d fallen asleep and that multiple people had been staying at her home.

Police issued an Amber Alert following the alleged abduction before they found the infant unharmed at another residence, according to the release. The girls were arrested following the incident.


Cureton told WISN that she allowed the girls to stay with her because they claimed to be victims of human trafficking.

“They told me they were being molested and that they were being human trafficked, and their mom was making them do things with her boyfriend,” Cureton explained to WISN. Cureton reacted to the incident, saying the girls should be prosecuted.

“I feel they should be prosecuted to the max because they didn’t have no business taking my baby,” she told WISN. “I mean stuff like this only happens on Lifetime movies.” (RELATED: California Police Find 2-Year-Old Boy In Stolen Car)

Cureton said she met the teenage girls at a local liquor store on March 22, according to CBS 58. Charges for the teenagers’ role in the alleged abduction will be referred to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office.

The girls are currently being held in juvenile detention, according to WISN.

In addition, three men were arrested on unrelated charges, also according to the release. It is not clear if the men arrested had any relationship with the teenage girls, the outlet reported.