Rescue Team Helps Pull Dog From Flooded River In Los Angeles

(Photo: KONRAD FIEDLER/AFP via Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) rescued a dog that became trapped Monday in the flooded Los Angeles River.

Emergency crews responded after the dog became trapped by the sudden, strong current of the typically dry river Monday afternoon, according to ABC7. The crews managed to secure a rescue ring around a 35-year-old woman who refused to leave the water without the large German Shepherd mix, NBC reported.

LAFD then lowered a crewmember into the river and pulled the woman out, but the dog, named Scooby, fought back as the crew returned to save his life, ABC7 reported. Scooby took off running downstream as the currents reached an estimated five-to-ten miles per hour, LAFD told outlets.

As Scooby floated downstream, a man jumped into the river to help save him as bystanders lowered a rope to rescue them both, ABC7 continued. Scooby managed to break free of the man, who was later taken to hospital with bite wounds, the outlet noted.

LAFD issued a statement via Twitter during the rescue, telling citizens to “Please. Stay. Out” of the river as their rescue efforts continued. (RELATED: LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Ignores City’s Crime Crisis, Blames Mass Exodus On Housing Costs)

“LAFD Air Ops tracked the dog and made multiple rescue attempts,” LAFD issued in one statement on their official site.

Almost two hours later, LAFD was able to secure Scooby and lift him from the riverbed, ABC7 reported.