HUDSON: Parents Must Fight For Their Children’s Education

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Kate Hudson Contributor
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The leftist curriculum being pushed on children in private schools across the country was met in 2021 by leagues of anonymous letters from parents, alumni and grandparents seeking a voice. Here in Atlanta, with several well-endowed private schools concentrated in a relatively small area, it seemed to be a rogue wave washing over us all. Those teachers, administrators and parent groups pushing these politically charged educational approaches have been outraged by the divergent perspectives coming from these letters.

“Hate Doesn’t Live Here and Kindness is Real,” is a message we see proclaimed (or should I say jeered) from the front yards of the supposedly open-minded leftists. Yet, when these same enlightened thinkers encountered opinions inconsistent with their own worldview, namely that this ideology has no place in our children’s schools, the administrators were shocked.

“How dare they push back!?” and “Trust us, we know better than you!” were the resounding responses. All of a sudden we were the enemy. Racists. Troublemakers. Our crime? Not being down with this agenda being pushed on five to eighteen year olds.

The elite SJWs of Buckhead scoff at us for questioning the new status quo. Don’t rock the boat is their motto. They are simply following the latest en vogue national trend while continuing to jet down to Sea Island and Alys Beach. The time spent at their garden clubs, country clubs, dinner parties and second homes hasn’t changed, but the virtue signaling has. Privilege must be checked. Amends must be made. They bend the knee to the woke culture lest the social standing of their families be put into danger. The innocence of the children is being sacrificed for the sake of exclusive education and the honor of being part of an elite group.

Silence is no longer an option. The nonsense du jour of The New York Times and CNN are being drilled into our children. If parents do not advocate for their own children, who will? Schools are no longer safe, nurturing atmospheres honoring the childhood innocence of students. Far from it. Schools are indoctrination centers where students feel bullied into groupthink.

As a parent, there came a time where I no longer trusted my school. Education Veritas came to life as a life preserver for parents: a place to swim and hold onto when you feel like you’re drowning in this sea of propaganda. We provide education, support and empowerment to parents. We have had over a thousand parents contact us across Atlanta and the country.

Parents reaching out to Education Veritas asked us, “What is going on in Atlanta? How is this curriculum in the classroom?” Staff at Westminster asked, “Why are parents ok with this? Why are the parents not standing up against all that is going on here?” The truth is that many have. We have followed every “right pathway” to get questions and concerns answered. The response? Deaf ears and boiler plate answers.

Any logical person would be asking, why would parents stick around and pay $35K for this garbage to be shoved down their kids’ throats? Why do parents have a lower value on their child’s heart, mind and spirit than they do for this “perceived elite” education? How has this Democratic political party platform entered our school? It’s all truly right in front of you. You must read and educate yourself on all facets of this issue. Look at what’s in your children’s notebooks and classwork. Talk to your children.

Think it’s not affecting your child? Look. Listen. Ask questions. The amount of stress, pressure and indoctrination being pushed on your children is immeasurable. The mental illness, depression and anxiety rates are as high as they have been according to unnamed staff in the schools. There are different names and new terminology every time you turn around, but the core ideology is Critical Race Theory. The CARE curriculum sounds warm and fuzzy right? Just a catchy name to disarm and confuse parents. CRT is not being “taught.” It is a lens through which everything is viewed. That is why it is turning up everywhere: in math, art class, science, history, English and foreign languages.

Many of the private schools love affinity groups. The idea is to identify and segregate children into groups with clever and sometimes racist sounding names: “Moon Cakes” (Asian Americans/Pacific Islander), “Café con Leche (Hispanic), “Samosas” (South/Central Asian), Cocoa Conversations (Black). The schools deem this as something these kids “need to experience.” Many black families will tell you this is wrong and not what their children want. They don’t want to sit at the “black table.”

This rabid desire to interfere with our children’s innate ability to make a friend, find common interests and learn about one another is creating division within those potential opportunities. Kids are being stifled and trampled by this push to highlight each person’s differences and put all the focus on race and gender. Many schools boast of creating “community,” but the problem is these ideologies don’t allow for community building or foster a sense of belonging.

Our children have experienced a deep loss of innocence in the past two years. The once trusted, elite institutions we revered have been gradually morphing the past two decades but went full throttle the past two years.

The Westminster Schools, where I attended along with several other members of my family, held a rock solid place in my heart. My mother was in the first graduating class when the now-impressive gated entrance was a dirt road. I spent more time on that beautiful campus than anywhere else growing up. It’s tough for legions that have been a part of this institution to face what it has devolved into — a cesspool of pop culture and secular teachings devoid of any piece of its past or a future that is inspiring. The attrition among teachers this year is high. The days of teachers eager to inspire, encourage and nurture the minds, hearts and spirits of your children without a political motivation or agenda seem to have gone.

Westminster is but one of countless institutions that have lost their way. The difference is the other schools in Atlanta don’t tout a $238M endowment. That’s an intimidating chunk of change for people pushing back against the school’s effort to redefine its Christian principles. Westminster, as wonderful a school as it was, does not get to redefine “Christianity.” Lower school art teachers don’t get to change the definition of “racism.” Jesus didn’t follow culture. To mention Christ and try to align Christ with moving culture is NOT Christianity. Christ never followed culture.

When inquiring with middle school administrators about why the Christianity aspect is being removed from the school, I was told, “What do you want us to do, try and convert the Hindus and Muslims in the classroom??!!”

“No,” I replied, “This is not about converting anyone! This is supposed to be a  Christian school and these kids are supposed to learn about all religions, but especially have a focus on Christianity.” I went on to hear a rant about the old Westminster seal, the logo with the Greek letters of Jesus Christ and letterhead in regards to the 10pt. size and it being terribly difficult to read at that point size … blah, blah, blah.

When I was told by the chaplain in the lower school that a group of 20 parents would be teaching the gender part of the CARE curriculum to 5 to 11 year olds, I said, “I don’t think so.” The very idea that any administrator in that school would hand over that effort to a group of parents is reckless and out of line. I have no intention of letting anyone teach my son about gender ideologies when I don’t know their morals, faith or value set. Those things do not belong within a school. This should not even be on the table.

Why do we need to be focusing on pushing gender fluidity on children? The surge of  “crafted” surveys within our schools has a clear agenda. They are nothing more than a grooming tool. These surveys have leading questions for both parents and children. Most of the time the ones for kids are never seen. It is only when a child or parent discovers it, screenshots it and shares it that we find out about these activities. And by the way, how much are these schools paying to have these studies done? How is this information going to be used?

Grooming children to be desensitized to sexually inappropriate conversations, books and images is evil. Normalizing gender fluidity to children is wrong. The confusion and lies are confusing and misleading. To read the surveys that are being given to our teenagers, full of loaded questions, is disturbing. Here are examples from one of many surveys done in private schools here in Atlanta.

1. What sex were you assigned at birth? What sex do you identify as?

2. What gender do you identify as? 7 options given…

3. The questions, “I don’t enjoy life,” “I have low self esteem or self worth,” “I feel sad or depressed,” and “I have thoughts of killing myself.” The answer options range from “never” to “very often.”

This is brainwashing and grooming. So when a child, who is struggling academically or mentally, trudges into school, sits down and reads through these questions, what do you think that does to their mindset or heart? Do you think this is the type of encouragement or positivity some of these children need? Do you think these are questions or motives that have your child’s best interest at heart? The answer is no!

Children don’t need adults confusing and disrupting an already difficult path. We all remember middle and high school. It can be a difficult time for many trying to find their way. These teachers and administrators  are not psychiatrists or therapists. These conversations have no place within a classroom. It is their job to support, encourage and educate each individual child. It is not the teachers’ place to push their political stances, their sexual/gender preferences or any of their ideological beliefs.

The administrators and teachers are progressive activists first. Many teachers are pushing a political narrative and inappropriate content on our children. Parents must recognize the influence this progressive agenda is having over their children. You are the parents! It is not the job of the school to raise your children. When your children are being bombarded seven hours a day with this woke ideology, it is monumentally difficult to escape its impact. Parents should not be having to de-program their children every day after school.

Raising children today is more complicated than ever. To raise young  adults that can go out into the world and thrive, they need to be able to critically think, decipher information, adapt and develop the grit and drive to be successful. Life is not fair, and none of us are exempt from trials and struggles. We have an opportunity here to fight for what is true and right by our children. There are enormous numbers of parents that understand what is at stake. You are not alone!