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Meet Punkmetender: The Contemporary Artist Revolutionizing the Art World

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Technology has fueled progress in the art world, changing how we view and appreciate art. Thanks to NFTs, artists now have a bigger platform to showcase their skills while helping investors grow their revenue. The current trend has seen many people joining the NFT marketplace, some with mind-blowing ideas like celebrated artist Punkmetender who is now changing the art space.

Punkmetender has created a new NFT community called PUNKANGELSNFT, where he is helping young talents find their footing in the industry by offering guidance and support. Having been in the art space for years, Punkmetender is leveraging what he has learned to assist others in the industry. He is also using his art to promote peace and freedom.

“In the world today, many people are afraid of speaking up because of the fear of being judged,” says Punkmetender. He explains that with social media and feeling like someone is constantly watching you, most people mask their feelings in fear of what others will say.

Through his physical and digital art, Punkmetender creates a safe place and encourages everyone to be real with themselves and not shy away from voicing their opinions. He also highlights some of the issues affecting people and calls on everyone to be part of the change required to make the world better.

Punkmetender is building a strong online community of art lovers and using his talent to promote love and share untold stories with the rest of the world. He has been featured in the Banksy movie Exit Through the Gift Shop. He has made art for Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Mariah Carey, and Sofia Vergara, among others.

According to Punkmetender, when making any piece, his main goal is to create something timeless and has a valuable message. He takes his time with each drawing, creating unique art pieces that tell hidden stories.

“The beauty of art is that no matter the angle you look at it, there’s always a message for everyone,” says Punkmetender. He uses his paintings to spread positivity as he encourages people to believe in themselves and work hard to reach their goals.

“While following your passion is hard, and there are countless obstacles, pursuing something you love can be extremely rewarding,” says Punkmetender. It gives you the strength to keep pushing, even when nothing seems to be working, and shows you that failure is not the end of the road. Through his NFT community, Punkmetender is helping create a more suitable environment for artistic talent, especially for those getting started by supporting them every step of the way.

He is using his incredible journey to inspire young artists and show them that they too can fulfill their dreams despite life’s challenges. He is also promoting freedom and love and changing how many people view street art.

Looking to the future, Punkmetender says his goal is to create more unique pieces using his art to positively impact lives. He hopes to design for an haute couture brand and to build his masterpiece (a public monument for the city of Los Angeles).

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