A Bathroom Break Almost Got Between Doja Cat And Her Grammy Award

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Doja Cat nearly missed out on accepting her Grammy at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday night, simply because she was in the bathroom.

Nature called at the most inopportune moment for Doja Cat, and her quick run to the bathroom almost got in between the artist and her coveted Grammy statue, according to USA Today. Doja Cat appeared on stage just in the nick of time, and hilariously commented on her manic rush, reportedly saying, “Listen. I have never taken such a fast (pee) in my whole life. Thank you, everybody.”

Awards shows often feature high fashion and shocking moments, and the 64th Grammy Awards didn’t seem to disappoint the millions of people who tuned in.

Avril Lavigne took the stage to present the award for best pop duo/group performance at the 64th Grammy Awards and wound up waiting a long time for Doja Cat to make it to the stage. Shortly after she excitedly announced the winners as being SZA and Doja Cat, SZA slowly made her way to the stage on crutches, but Doja Cat was nowhere to be found, according to The Cut.

CBC put the focus on SZA’s effortful entrance, as Lady Gaga assisted her with her dress. Finally, Doja Cat frantically made her way up the stairs to take her place on stage, the outlet reported. SZA addressed Doja Cat’s rushed entrance by saying, “Bro, you went to the bathroom for five minutes. Are you serious? Come on now,” according to USA Today. (RELATED: Kanye West Pulled From Grammy’s Due To ‘Concerning Online Behavior’)

Doja Cat was breathing heavily as she launched into her acceptance speech, and was soon taken over by emotion.

“I like to downplay shit,” Doja Cat, 26, reportedly said as she began to tear up, overcome with emotions. “But this? It’s a big deal.”

Before SZA and Doja Cat left the stage with their award for their hit single “Kiss Me More,” SZA turned to Doja Cat and said, “I’m glad you made it back in time.” The ladies then shared an embrace.