Mayor Eric Adams Launches Billboard Attack Against Florida Over Parental Rights Bill

[Twitter Screenshot Mayor Eric Adams]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams launched an ad campaign against Florida on Monday, urging residents of the sunshine state to move to New York City over Florida’s new parental rights bill.

“We have a message for Florida’s LGBTQ+ community: come to a city where you can be you. Join us now at City Hall,” Adams said on Twitter. The New York City mayor gave a briefing joined by several individuals, some of who were donning rainbow flag masks.

“This is the city of Stonewall,” Adams said. “This is the city where we are proud to talk about how you can live in a comfortable setting and not be harassed, not be abused – not only as adults but also as young people.”

“Your voice is respected here in the city,” Adams said. “This political showmanship of attempting to demonize a particular group or community is unacceptable. We are going to loudly show our support and say to those living in Florida, ‘hey, we want you here in New York! We want you right here in New York City!'” (RELATED: Oreo Cookie Joins Woke Corporations Pushing LGBT Ideology)

The billboard campaign, which has placed billboards in five Florida areas, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa and West Palm Beach, will run through May 29.

One of the billboards, displayed at the press conference, reads “people say a lot of ridiculous things in New York. ‘Don’t Say Gay’ isn’t one of them.”

“When other states show their true colors, we show ours,” another billboard reads.

DeSantis spokeswoman Christina Pushaw fired back on Twitter following Adams’ announcement.

The legislation in question bars teachers from discussing sexuality and gender identity with children in kindergarten through third grade and requires parental consent for health services. Nowhere in the legislation is the word “gay” included nor does the legislation ban the word “gay” from being used in schools or anywhere else.

A March poll conducted by Politico alongside Morning Consult found that 51% of voters supported the provision in the legislation “banning the teaching of sexual orientation and gender identity from kindergarten through third grade.”