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Social Media Generated an Organic Fanbase for Mini.Katana

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When it first launched in 2016, no one could have predicted that TikTok would become one of social media’s most effective tools for brands. With only fifteen seconds to three minutes to grab your audience, brands had to find creative ways to succeed on the app. With such narrow parameters, many brands gave up on the first hurdle. However, some businesses discovered how to grow exponentially through their creative platform use. Mini.Katana, which sells Japanese Katana swords, was one of these innovative brands. Mini.Katana swiftly skyrocketed in growth and success by harnessing the power of social media and using TikTok and Instagram to achieve massive growth.

The Los Angeles-based business has achieved a staggering scale-up since it first launched in January 2021, garnering up to 2.5 million followers through its creative use of social media. Tik Tok, in particular, has helped the brand become a notable name in the world of swords and Katanas. From humorous sneak peeks into Mini.Katana’s warehouse to straightforward answers to users’ questions, they continue to find increasingly creative ways to engage with their followers on the platform. Given that the popularity of Katanas and their status as collector’s items has blossomed in recent years, Mini.Katana found a readymade fanbase online. Their social media presence is far-reaching, and their influence is clearly evident given their growing numbers of viewers and likes on TikTok and Instagram.

The Mini.Katana brand began as a small sword-selling venture of entrepreneur Isaac Medeiros. Isaac began selling miniature Katanas online in December 2020 from his apartment. Since then, the brand has seen exponential growth with operations moving from Isaac Medeiros home to a specialized warehouse where they ship their swords out across the world. Mini.Katana pulled in an impressive $2.5 million in sales in 2021 and has expanded its workforce to seventeen employees. Social media can be powerful ally for any brand hoping to expand its growth, especially if that brand has an inherent understanding of how to wield that power properly.

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